Allow Me to Introduce Myself | Dallas Lifestyle Photographer |
Toni Black Dallas head shot photographer in green headwrap and yellow shirt

Allow Me to Introduce Myself | Dallas Lifestyle Photographer

Monday Introductions!

Hey, y’all! I’m Toni black, a Dallas lifestyle photographer if ya didn’t know, and I just wanted to take a moment to introduce myself in the form of my most favorite thing ever… LISTS! So I make lists on Facebook from time to time and figured why not bring them over to my blog space. So here goes… 

1. I haven’t taken a self-portrait since… I DON’T EVEN REMEMBER. 😩 But I love them, so here you go. Here are some sprinkled throughout this post. I take them of myself because I believe in practicing what I preach. What better way to know how you feel in front of the camera than to get in front of the camera myself for headshots or an intimate lifestyle photography session.

Self-Portrait head shot of Toni Black.
Toni Black, the magic maker.

2. I’ll just turned 35. THIRTY-FIVE. Libra nation. I can’t believe it. This year will be my year. 💛

3. I’m not as interesting on social media these days as I have been earlier in the year. I think I’m in my lowkey season. But in real life, the shenanigans continue because…

4. I’m definitely much more amazing in real life. I guarantee it. 

Toni Black Dallas head shot photographer in green headwrap and yellow shirt
The face of someone who likes shenanigans.

5. I’m an intimate lifestyle photographer based in Dallas, Texas. I’ve managed to create a business around photographing people and not sharing the work. At. All. 😩😂🤦🏾‍♀️ That sounds crazy I know…

6. But it works, because I create safe spaces for my clients to be vulnerable. 

7. Vulnerability is my favorite word. 😂 I mean, it’s really become my life. So why not build a business around that. 🤷🏾‍♀️

8. I love lists. But I’ve not created one in MONTHS. This isn’t a good list though. It’s more of a ramble. I have no steam this morning. But I am rocking with it anyway because this is 100% me!

9. I don’t know when I became obsessed with the color yellow. And it’s funny actually because I used to really hate the color yellow. But now I wear it daily. It’s a part of my branding. It’s a part of me. 

Self-Portrait head shot of Toni Black.
Yellow DOES look amazing on me though.

10. I’ve literally colored my hair a different color every month this year. I’m amazed. I guess that’s become me too. 

11. I take really dope pictures. You should hire me for your Dallas, Texas commercial photography… But I travel too.  You can get more info here!

12. I don’t think I’ve ever made a single list past 10 before. There’s a first for everything. Welcome to my first. 😁13. Honorable mention… yes I smile. My smile is my best feature tbh. But y’all gone get these pictures of me not smiling with an intense gaze, and y’all gonna like it. 🙃🙄😌



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