The Sauce to Elevating Your Branding Photography |

The Sauce to Elevating Your Branding Photography

What is Branding Photography?

Branding photography is the imagery that introduces your brand to your audience. It’s your headshots that are the first look at who you are, it’s your content that tells the story of what you do, and it’s what connects you to your audience. We think branding photography is just what we post on our websites, but really, it’s all the content that you blog, post on social media like Facebook, Linkedin, and Instagram, use for print, share with the media and anything else that gives a visual representation of who you are. In other words, it’s a visual extension of your identity!

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What is Intimate Lifestyle Photography?

Intimate Lifestyle Photography is a style of photography that lets you drop your guard and be your authentic self. It allows you to be silly, vulnerable, commanding, shy or whatever your true self is. This helps your brand connect to your audience in the most authentic way. The word intimate can throw you off when talking about photography because many people associate that word with carnal desires, but really, on the most basic level, it just means to be familiar with and close to. Knowing what it isn’t now, how does that translate to you?

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So What’s the Sauce and How Can it Serve You?

Well, the sauce is that it works to connect you to your audience and it can be Empowering for you and them. Whenever I think about the way we navigate through life, I think about layers conversation Donkey had with Shrek. Many of us really are like parfaits. There are so many layers to who we really are, yet we only often show that top layer. Okay, silly metaphors aside, we have to adapt to our surroundings. We build up this perfect image of ourselves, that shows how professional, cool, smart, charming, laid back or in control we are. We hold ourselves to this character, building a wall of perfection so often, that we forget to lower those walls sometimes. Those walls don’t always show the real you. But do you know how freeing it is to just be yourself? That’s empowerment. It’s liberating. It’s you being your genuine self.

This freedom draws people to you. It’s intriguing, inviting and fun. It makes people WANT to get to know you. How fantastic can that be for your branding? It could transform how your audience connects to your brand. Think about your favorite person-centered brands on social media. What’s your favorite thing about them? Why do you follow them? It’s because you relate to them right? Something about them makes you want to get to know them better. It makes you want to know what they’re doing, and it allows you to imagine yourself either doing it with them or with your friends. This type of relatability is community building. It builds trust and gains you credibility. What would that do for your brand?

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Don’t worry, I can help you answer that question. 😀 Being yourself and building trust allows you to peel back that layer, exhale and attract your target clients. The ones who understand you. The ones who are loyal. Let me go over that again. Your authenticity will allow people to trust you. Trust builds loyalty. Loyalty maintains healthy relationships, business or otherwise.

Still on the fence? Let’s chat about how Intimate Lifestyle Photography can serve you!

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