Toni Black, Advocate against Anti-Blackness and Photographer

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Hey there, I’m Toni Black. I’m an advocate for Black folks but my emphasis and top priority is Black women. Being the mother of a teen boy who identifies as Black, I save space for Black boys and men, as well. Black people are usually seen as one-dimensional tropes. Because of that, I will advocate all day to remove the stigma that we face from outside of our community, as well as work inside of our community to remove the stigma that we have towards each other.

I’m also a photographer, but it isn’t the core of my mission. My goal is to use my photography as a medium to create safe spaces for Black folks, other people of color and marginalized folks worldwide. I want to allow them the space to be unapologetic and vulnerable. My goal is to travel around the world, teaching photographers and other creatives how to do this as well. I seek to accomplish this by helping them confront their own personal biases and creating a safe space for them to work through them.

I am fallible. I mess up, and sometimes I may say hurtful things unintentionally. But I will always apologize when I am wrong. If you tell me I hurt you, I’ll correct myself, I believe in giving people space to grow and I am no exception. Also, I will check anyone: man, woman, or child of any race. We all have some sort of internalized anti-blackness and I will not tolerate it. With that being said, I will also try my best to educate you during and after. We all deserve a chance to grow.

I am a super sweet person though, and I’m a lot of fun. I’m not funny like most of my friends, and I don’t try to be. But, I promise this is a journey to experience. I’m too dope for it not to be. Just kidding! I’m super boring. And, I don't know why ya'll like me so much. Maybe it's because I'm always half naked.

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